Please browse around and see some of my artwork.   You can also visit my Fine Art Blog for a peek at my work.  You can view/purchase a selection of my portfolio in the Gallery section.  

As an artist, color is my tool to transfer an internal concept to external form.   I am drawn to color and thrive on the challenge to recreate and enhance the colors I see around me.

I begin with an underpainting depicting light and shadow and add subsequent layers of brushstrokes to create the works you see here.  I use various brushes and often my hands to blend and work the surface, adding and removing color, until it embodies my vision.

I am inspired by nature and am lucky to live in beautiful upstate New York and to have travelled in Europe capturing some great reference photos that I have turned into paintings.


I would be happy to work with you on a painting.  I can create in acrylic, watercolor or color pencil.   Email me at artbylmr@gmail.com for more information and prices.

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Celebrities love my work too!  Check out the "Award Show' section to read about my participation in various Hollywood award show gift lounges.